Vindicator file photo / January 22, 1959 | Flood waters on Normandy Drive in the Kirkmere area created a miniature Niagara Falls during area-wide flooding 64 years ago.
January 23
1998: 1998: Sharon City Council is considering an ordinance that would prohibit residents from putting leaves or snow in the street. One councilman says he has seen city employees blowing snow from sidewalks into the street. A resident, who is also a city police officer, says that if residents can't put snow in the street, the city shouldn't plow snow into driveways.
An investigation conducted by the Warren Police Department's four captains exonerates a city patrolman in the fatal shooting of a robbery suspect on July 11, 1997.
By a 6-1 vote, the state commission overseeing the operation of Youngstown public schools votes to convert East High into a junior high and to close two elementary schools. 
1983: Mayor George Vukovich's Airport Advisory Committee launched an aggressive effort to increase scheduled passenger service at Youngstown Municipal Airport. 
The Rev. Michael Jones is installed as rector of St. James Episcopal Church in Boardman. His sister, the Rev. Mary-Frances Jones, an Episcopal deacon, provided her staunch support. They come from a long line of Episcopal clergy. 
Will Knecht, a 16-year-old Boardman High School junior, is one of only 85 congressional pages serving at the Capitol and is the first to be chosen from the 17th District. 
1973: Loren Hines, 41, of Leavittsburg, dies in Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital of complications of injuries suffered Oct. 31 when he and another man were sprayed with molten metal. The other man, Wilbur Lantz, 53, died on Dec. 13 of his injuries.
Carmen Agnone, the maintenance foreman at Youngstown Municipal Airport, is removed from the city payroll because he is a resident of Liberty Township in violation of the city's residency requirement. 
1948: Site preparation begins for the construction of a new Pennsylvania Railroad station on West Federal Street opposite North Avenue. It will replace the ancient Spring Common depot.
Charles G. Nichols, executive vice president and general manager of the G.M. McKelvey Co. is named president, succeeding Carl W. Ullman, who becomes chairman of the board. 
Two handcuffed prisoners being returned to the Mahoning County Jail made a break for freedom but were foiled when one ran to the right of a utility pole, and the other ran to the left, resulting in their butting heads and being recaptured.