State Representative, Lauren McNally has announced on Tuesday that the State Controlling Board has approved $178,000 for Youngstown State University's Building Envelope Renovations project.

The formal Youngstown Councilwoman says she always strives to gives folks in the Valley the tools they need to live their best lives.

"This funding for YSU will make us stronger and more successful," McNally said.

The funding will help the university with an architectural design contract for its Building Envelope Renovations.

The project's full scope includes remediation and improvement of the full brick veneer exterior skins and brick plaza paving surfaces that experienced weathering and deterioration of their masonry exteriors, building door and window systems.

The funding from the State Controlling Board will go towards restoring the building integrity and prevent further air and water infiltration.

"When our students and staff are worried about water leaks in their buildings, they can't concentrate on the learning that matters most. I'm hopeful this state funding will take things off their plates and allow them to concentrate on their futures," McNally said.