A Sebring man and his girlfriend face trial for allegedly locking a teenage girl up in her room with the windows nailed shut.

Both 58-year-old Samuel Sweely and 53-year-old Aimee Loveland were indicted by the Mahoning County Grand Jury on Thursday. Both face charges of endangering children and domestic violence.

Court records show bonds set at $7,500 for both suspects. Both suspects have waived their rights to a speedy trial.

At the time the couple was arrested in January, Sweely was the custodial parent of the 13-year-old girl. Police say he and Loveland were disciplining her by locking her in her room with the windows nailed shut only allowing her to leave to use the bathroom.

Police say the couple would only allow the victim to eat dinner after the rest of the family had finished theirs. Sweely is accused of striking the victim with a belt seven times and Loveland is accused of smacking her in the face three times.