An evacuation order has been lifted for residents of Lackawannock Township after a fire at a gas distribution site Friday afternoon.

Fire crews from at least nine jurisdictions of Mercer County responded to the scene along Mercer West Middlesex Road in Lackawannock Township.

Residents within a half-mile radius of the fire had to be evacuated.

West Middlesex Volunteer Fire Department Chief Rich Garrett tells 21 News that an air compressor caught on fire. The air compressor was surrounded by motor oil and diesel fuel, which also caught on fire.

"We had a crew from Hillcorp go in there and isolate the gas. At that time we waited until the pressure went down on the system before we attacked the fire. Once we attacked the fire, it was only a few minutes to actually knock it down," Garrett said.

Garrett went on to say the fire was "very big and very dangerous."

So far, there's no word on why the compressor caught fire.