A Youngstown man woke up in the county jail Tuesday after being accused of using a novel way to shoplift hundreds of dollars worth of power tools from the Home Depot in Austintown.

A police report says a customer emptied a box containing a mop bucket in the store and took the empty box to the power tool section where he allegedly filled the box with fifteen Milwaukee tools and batteries, including hedge trimmers and a pruning saw.

Then, according to the report, the suspect asked a store employee where he could find the aisle where the tape was sold.   The suspect then allegedly grabbed a roll of tape from the shelf and resealed the box.

Police say the box was now so heavy, the suspect had trouble lifting it to the Lawn and Garden counter where it was scanned by the cashier.

After paying $30 in cash, the suspect was leaving the store when he was confronted by Home Depot security.

After exclaiming, “I ain’t out the doors yet!”, the suspect ran outside and into the woods behind the store.

More officers arrived and police called for their drone to help search for him from the air.

Briefly spotted by an officer in an unmarked car near the Golden Star theater, police arrested a suspect in the Country Green neighborhood behind the theatre.

In addition to saying the man’s description matched that of the shoplifting suspect, police say he was carrying a Home Depot receipt for the $30 mop bucket.

William Martin, 41, of Youngstown, was booked into jail on charges of theft, possessing criminal tools, and obstructing official business.

Store officials estimate the value of the tools and batteries at more than $2000.