Just days after Warren Police received reports of gunfire striking homes in various neighborhoods, police have received reports of even more homes struck.

21 News has received three more police reports detailing three more homes found to be struck by gunfire.

One home was struck on the 600 Block of Hazelwood Avenue. Police say the homeowners had just returned from a two-week vacation early Tuesday morning to find a bullet hole in their front window.

The homeowners told police the bullet ricocheted into a wall bouncing from the wall onto the floor landing under a kitchen table leg. No other bullet holes were found in the home.

Another incident occurred late Monday afternoon on the 700 block of Southern Boulevard. A caller told police that two vehicles were heading north on Southern Boulevard shooting at each other.

According to a police report, shell casings were located on the roadway of the 2700 Block of Randolph Street. During this time, police received a call regarding a home struck by gunfire.

Police retrieved a projectile near a doorway and gathered video of the two vehicles shooting at each other.

A third report details a call from the 600 Block of Kenmore Avenue where the homeowner told officers she woke up to find a bullet hole in her window and her TV.

Police located a bullet behind the TV.

These calls came mere days after police received many other similar calls regarding gunfire striking homes, some of which on the same streets. No suspects have been named for any of these incidents.