After two days of testimony that included the presentation of videos taken on the day of January 6, 2021, Capitol Riot, a verdict from a federal judge isn’t expected for at least two weeks in the case of a Mercer County woman charged in connection with the riot.

After the prosecution and defense rested on Wednesday in a Washington D.C. courtroom, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth gave attorneys two weeks to submit Proposed Findings of Facts that they believe the judge should consider when rendering his decision in the case of Rachel Powell.

The trial only lasted two days since the mother of eight from Sandy Lake elected to have Judge Lamberth hear her case instead of a jury.

Judge Lamberth rejected a defense attorney’s motion to immediately acquit the 43-year-old woman facing nine charges that include civil disorder, obstruction, destruction of US property, entering a restricted building or property with a dangerous weapon, and disorderly conduct.

Investigators claim Powell carried an ice axe and a "large" wooden pole into the Capitol while Vice President Pence was in the building to take part in the process of certifying the results of the previous November's election.

Powell, the so-called "pink hat lady" and "bullhorn lady" say videos showed her in the crowd of people storming the Capitol in support of Donald Trump's false claims of election fraud.

An affidavit says Powell was seen using the bullhorn to give instructions about the layout of the Capitol building and instructing others on how to "take this building."

Judge Lamberth continued Powell’s bond while he considered the case.