Pennsylvania-based Senator, John Fetterman has issued a statement with some choice words for Norfolk Southern regarding Wednesday night's train derailment in New Castle.

Senator Fetterman described the derailment as "Same s*** different day" for the railroad company and is demanding for Norfolk Southern to be held accountable.

"It's time to hold Norfolk Southern and the big rail companies accountable for the harm they have caused in East Palestine and Darlington Township and the harm they continue to cause with this dangerous, reckless behavior," Fetterman said.

Fetterman went on to say while he's happy nobody was hurt and no toxic chemicals were released into the air in New Castle, this derailment is still a similar situation to East Palestine that should never happen again.

"I'm proud that my bipartisan bill, the Railway Safety Act advanced out of committee yesterday. This bill will finally enact commonsense rail safety procedures that would have prevented last night's derailment," Fetterman said.

"It's time to pass this bill on the floor and finally hold Norfolk Southern accountable," he continued.