This latest murder in Youngstown now has some city council members wanting to take action to combat this violence. 

One councilman spoke with 21 News while the irresponsibility of the parents could have prevented 13-year-old London Jones' death, he wants change to make the city a safer place for kids. 

This comes as Youngstown Carl Chief Davis said the girl was with "irresponsible adults" at 12:30 a.m. "partying in the streets."

Youngstown Councilman Julius Oliver is frustrated to learn a young teenager was in an unsafe setting in the first place.

"It's very heartbreaking and I'm very disappointed, especially to discover that a lot of adult decision-making went into this tragedy," Oliver said. 

Oliver said lack of parental guidance can have devastating results on kids.

"Its very important for us to start making decisions as parents and adults and leaders that lead to the betterment of our children and our future in this city," he added.

Could a community center be the solution the city is looking for? With one already in the works, Oliver believes this could be a safe place for kids to go.

"Not only can serve the needs of children, but serve the needs of adults," he said.

The center could offer entrepreneurship lessons with adult mentoring courses. "It empowers you to understand that you have the power to be able to do things positively in your life," Oliver said.

Oliver is already putting $600k of ARP money towards the concept and picked out an undisclosed property within Youngstown. Congressman Bill Johnson has previously said he will support this initiative. 

"It'll teach them those skills," Oliver said. "Not only life skills, but it will teach them those skills in business to be able to streamline their life to have a goal to look forward to so that they're not making adverse decisions."

Continued efforts to bring Youngstown's children off of the streets and teach parents how to properly care for their kids.

Oliver also believes all city workers should be required to live within Youngstown. He specifically mentioned police officers, to bring a sense of safety back to the area.

21 News reached out to other council members about their potential ideas to make the city safer and protect Youngstown's youth. Our team is waiting to hear back.