A Youngstown couple is charged with child endangering after three kids showed up to school covered in cockroaches and bed bugs.

The investigation began with an email from the Youngstown City School District. The email described three students, who come to school each day with bedbugs and cockroaches crawling on them and inside their bags. According to the police report, the kids smelled so bad it nearly caused the school employees to vomit. The email also noted that the school provides clean clothes for the children to change into when they arrive each morning.

After learning of the email, police headed to Hazelwood Avenue on the city's west side. There, they found 32-year-old Miranda Campbell and 39-year-old Jason Goodspeed.

Campbell told police she was aware the home had a few cockroaches, but had treatments done to try to get rid of them. Campbell claimed she had never been contacted by the school about the condition of the kids.

Two officers then entered the home, according to the report. Inside was a large infestation of cockroaches and bed bugs, crawling all over the beds and floors. Officers attempted to check the basement, but couldn't due to the amount of cockroaches covering the door and landing.

According to the police report, officers could smell the home from the sidewalk; the stench was even worse inside.

The house was red-tagged, meaning it is no longer fit to live in.

While officers were at the house, the report notes that another officer went to the school to speak with the children and the school employees behind the original email.

The kids were removed from the home and given to a relative.

Campbell and Goodspeed were later taken into custody and charged with child endangering.