Folks who follow Healthy Hearts & Paws President and Founder, Jason Cooke on Facebook may have caught wind of a story involving a dog that was supposed to be euthanized found in a ditch in Lordstown over the weekend.

21 News has been working to gather information on this story and just Thursday morning, Lordstown Police have released a report on what they know so far about this incident.

According to the report, a Warren Township man found the dog in a ditch on Woodlenhart Road in Lordstown while riding his golf cart and brought him back to his home on the 2900 Block of Layer Road in Warren Township.

The man was soon put in touch with Cooke who turned the dog, named Gracie over to Healthy Hearts & Paws.

Police say later in the day, a woman showed up to the Lordstown Police Department and told police that her boyfriend was contacted by his ex-wife who told him that Gracie, who belonged to him was posted on Facebook.

The woman went on to tell police that Gracie was supposed to be euthanized, as she was at the point where she could barely move and had trouble standing up. She was 17 years old.

Police say the woman advised that she met a woman who claimed to work for Angels for Animals and that she could have Gracie euthanized. The woman told police she met with this woman the day before at a church on West Rayen Avenue in Youngstown and gave her Gracie.

According to the report, the woman only provided police with a first name and phone number for this woman. Police say all attempts to reach her via phone failed.

21 News reached out to Diane Less of Angels for Animals who confirmed with 21 News that no one with the name given to police by the woman works for Angels for Animals and even then, by law owned dogs must be brought in by the owner to be euthanized.

According to the Facebook post from Jason Cooke, the woman was told by the alleged Angels for Animals employee that she would set her up on a payment plan for the euthanasia.

However, police say the woman told officers she had not given the woman any money yet. A decision was made by Gracie's owner and Healthy Hearts & Paws to have Gracie euthanized on Saturday July 8.

No one has been charged as of yet. This incident remains under investigation by Lordstown Police.