No charges were filed after a Youngstown woman shot her boyfriend after mistaking him for an intruder.

According to a police report, police were called to a home on the 200 Block of Outlook Avenue in just before 3:00 am in response to a shooting.

Upon arrival police spoke with a woman who told officers she had shot her boyfriend who she thought was an intruder. The woman told police her boyfriend was supposed to be at work but came home early.

Police spoke to the male who told police when his girlfriend texted him that she thought someone was in the house, he responded that it was "probably the dog." 

After being told that it couldn't have been the dog, police say the male began joking with the woman sending GIFs of the character Michael Myers from the Halloween movie series. One minute later, the male was shot while walking up the stairs.

Police say the security cameras on the outside of the house had fallen down earlier in the evening so the woman couldn't have seen her boyfriend come in the house.

Both parties told police the shooting was an accident. According to the police report, the male is in stable condition.