Animal Charity of Ohio is hoping to raise money to pay for veterinary and other costs to cover the rescue of seven cows, some of which were stuck in feces piled so deep they couldn’t move.

According to the Animal Charity Facebook page, Humane agents found the cows suffering and struggling to more in their pens. Several of the animals were down in the sludge and struggling to breathe, according to the post. 

"If we didn't step in and rescue them, they were going to die," Director of Animal Charity of Ohio, Jane MacMurchy, said. 

The seven cows were moved into protective custody, which is standard protocol when the charity has an animal come into it's care. The charity did have to make the decision to euthanize one of the cows that they said was suffering. Two others are in critical condition, the remaining four are younger cows that MacMurchy said have a "better chance of surviving." 

"They’re all not doing great. It's going to take some time," MacMurchy said.

A police report indicated the barn was on Harrisburg-Westville Rd in Smith Township, and that one cow had to be euthanized.

Animal Charity said they plan to pursue charges of animal cruelty.

The charity is asking for donations for veterinary care, legal fees, and the cost of transporting the animals. They are also fundraising for a new building which will have livestock stalls where they can keep big animals - like these cows - after being rescued.