A Judge in Trumbull County approved a Temporary Injunction against Newton Falls.
Judge Sean O'Brien ruled that the minutes of the meeting from September 11th could not be approved on Friday.
They omitted then-Mayor Kenneth Kline's statement calling the meeting illegal and his adjournment of that meeting. 
Kline and another council person gave affidavits stating the minutes of the meeting were a complete fabrication and a lie as they were submitted. 
Two council persons also left the meeting stating the special meeting was illegal due to Newton Falls's own charter.
The record of the meeting now must contain the statement made by the Mayor. Newton Falls's former City Manager David Lynch filed the Motion showing critical information was left out of the minutes of the meeting making them inaccurate. 
That statement must now include:
Mayor Kenneth Kline stated: "Just so everybody here understands that this here is an illegal meeting based on codified ordinance 125.01(H). A special meeting does not continue a previous meeting or duplicate anything that was on that agenda or legislation so at this moment I adjourn the meeting." The mayor then struck the gavel and left his seat on the dais. 
Mayor Kline told 21 News at that meeting any actions taken during an illegal meeting are void. 
Newton Falls agreed to make the changes to its minutes of the meeting.
Lynch filed the motion pro se. 
Newton Falls Village was represented by Attorney David Betras. 
The village is set to approve the minutes that include the former mayor's statement and adjournment on October 18th.