Voters across Ohio will decide on Issue 2 this November.
It would commercialize, regulate, legalize, and tax the adult use of marijuana.

One of the local investors in that proposal on why THEY believe it should pass.  Brian Kessler is the CEO of Riviera Creek, a Youngstown medical marijuana growing facility.
He asked to be interviewed by a 21 News reporter while under a Youngstown bridge as a example of where people get their marijuana in Ohio currently.

"If issue 2 doesn't pass then people are back to buying illegal marijuana. It's not like it won't be here. So in my world let's make it safe. Let's find a way to get a regulated, tested safe product," said Kessler.

Kessler says illegal marijuana can be unsafe because you don't know where it came from or what's in it. Issue 2 would provide regulation over all of that and he says it would also add about $400 million to yearly state taxes.

He says right now you can buy Delta 8 in Ohio anyway so why not buy his product instead.

"Delta 8 literally is marijuana in a bag. There's no testing. No regulation. You have no idea what this is. It will get you high. This was bought legally in a store in Ohio," added Kessler.

Opponents to Issue 2 say it is just a move to commercialize marijuana for billions in profit, calling it today's "Big Tobacco."
According to members of Ohio's Senate, other states who have legalized marijuana use have seen increases in traffic deaths crime and workplace accidents.

Kessler questions those stats and says marijuana simply isn't just going to go away.