Tuesday, November 7th  Newton Falls voters will head to the polls to consider an income tax increase for law enforcement. 
Acting mayor John Baryak is hoping residents will support this quarter percent new income tax levy saying money will be used for more Sheriff's patrols or protection for residents in Newton Falls.
"We can't run two officers per shift unless we have a levy. The people seem to be very well satisfied with the Sheriff's department. That would put two officers on at least two out of three shifts and we, I think that's what the people want," Acting Mayor John Baryak said.
The income tax would only be paid by people who are employed, not retirees or folks on a pension.
It's expected to raise about $240,000 a year. 
Councilman Kevin Rufener says the money is not only for added patrols but he wants some of the money set aside to bring back a local Newton Falls police department.
"Adding additional deputies, or going towards bringing back the Newton Falls Police Department. It's dual purpose. Although the verbiage doesn't look that way it gives us that opportunity. We can look at what we have available. It might not be this year. If not enough at least it's a start to get us rolling forward to re-establish our police department Councilman Kevin Rufener said.
If the tax doesn't pass, Newton Falls will continue with one deputy per shift.
This Tuesday voters in Newton Falls must also decide whether they want to recall Councilwoman Tessa Spletzer. 
Signatures were circulated to put that issue to voters this November. 
And next November a recall of a big pay raise could be put to voters there.
Some residents who are upset the city can't afford a local police department, but can give a $30,000/year pay raise to City Manager Pamela Priddy circulated petitions to put the issue to voters. 
They collected at least 250 signatures in about one week. 
They need 141 signatures of the electors of Newton Falls.
If enough signatures are valid that question will be put to voters next November 2024.
"You said you did what you had to do. Well, we did what we had to do. And the people of Newton Falls will always have the last word," 
Julie Lemon said. 
"We were to collect 141 signatures of our cities electors. It is our pleasure and honor to submit 250 signatures from Newton Falls electors on this referendum," Lemon emphasized. 
"On October 6, 2023, a majority of the council passed Ordinance 2023-36 for a second reading. This ordinance should have never been considered. However, the rights and will of the people in this community will not be ignored. We are tired of our tax dollars being wasted and so we the people of Newton Falls decided to do something about it," Julie Lemon emphasized.
Acting Mayor and Councilman John Baryak, along with Councilman Giddeon Fetterolf, and Councilwoman Tessa Spletzer voted for the 
$30.000 pay hike for the city manager.