Parents have been notified that Boardman Center Intermediate School is without power on Friday.

The district spokesperson, Amy Radinovic, told 21 News that the generator that powers the school failed around 8 am, when students were already on their way or at bus stops when power was lost.

The initial thought was power would be restored within the hour; however, the power was restored around 10:30 am. This is the third time a generator has failed since the district began using them for power after the 2022 boiler damage.

Radinovic said that a new generator had arrived at the school and would replace the old generator and that a second generator had also been added to prevent future outages.

In mid-September of 2022, the Boardman Center Intermediate School's boiler room was flooded with about 4 feet of water after a heavy rain, which caused electrical panels and compressors to be submerged in water.

According to Radinovic, the schools that have been working on getting renovations completed from the flood was not able to speak on the specifics of what remains but said the project is nearing completion.

At the time, Superintendent Tim Saxton said, "Center's an older building, and a lot of our controls were built back in the day below ground level. It was probably built around 1920. There's some major infrastructure, especially for the electrical feeds in that area."

Boardman Center has approximately 800 students and  the entire building was not without power, Radinovic said.

The district spokesperson also said that the district has multiple safety plans in place for incidents like this, so decisions can be made quickly.

In November 2022, Boardman voters approved a 1.6 mill for general permanent improvements levy, which the district can attempt to get a loan based on the funds raised from the levy to consider replacing the nearly century-old building.

Radinovic said that the school has a committee that is working on plans for the future plans involving the building and will be discussing it in the new year.