The Dean of Students at Youngstown City Schools pleaded "not guilty" to a charge of domestic violence on Monday during an appearance in Girard Municipal Court.

Chivas Whipple, who is also a basketball coach at East High School, was also served with a temporary protection order by Judge Jeffrey Adler.

Communications and Public Relations Director Stacy Quinones confirmed Whipple has been placed on leave. This comes after Whipple allegedly grabbed his daughter by the shirt and slammed her into a car according to a police report.

The police report from Liberty Township Police Department states the incident occurred shortly before 1:00 a.m. Saturday on the 2900 Block of Anderson Morris Road during a fight.

Upon arrival, police spoke with Whipple's daughter who officers say was holding an ice pack on her head. Police say Whipple's daughter was supposed to stay with her mother that night, but her mother let her stay with her boyfriend until she got back from Pennsylvania to pick her up.

Police say Whipple was upset that his daughter did not tell him where she was. Whipple's daughter told police he "came out of his car, grabbed [her] and threw [her] around."

Police say video was captured of the incident, which shows Whipple approaching his daughter while yelling at her, followed by grabbing her by her shirt and slammed her back first into a car in the driveway causing a dent in it.

Police went on to say Whipple continued to pin his daughter over the vehicle with his left forearm over her throat area while continuing to yell at her.

Police say Whipple continued to slam his daughter into the car and yell at her until her boyfriend eventually came outside to confront him.

At this point, police say Whipple smacked his daughter in the face with an open hand causing her to fall to the ground followed by Whipple approaching his daughter's boyfriend to yell at him.

While Whipple told officers he was disciplining his daughter for allegedly lying to him about where she was, police described the confrontation as "excessive in nature." Police explained to Whipple that there was a difference between discipline and abuse.

Whipple was booked into Trumbull County Jail on a Domestic Violence charge on February 24, he was also released on bond the same day.

Whipple declined to comment, but the court ordered him to engage in anger management as a condition of his bond.

Whipple is due back in court on March 14.