A Brookfield Township doctor, charged as part of a federal crackdown on crimes against the elderly, has had her license to practice medicine permanently revoked by the Ohio State Medical Board.

Late last month the medical board issued an order revoking Dr. Mary-Helene Massullo’s license to practice osteopathic medicine and surgery.  Massullo was also fined $18,000.

In November 2022, Massullo pled guilty to one federal count of conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud.

Massullo was indicted earlier that year in what the U.S. Attorney said was part of a pain cream scheme where telemarketers allegedly targeted Medicare and Medicaid recipients.

Investigators alleged that Massullo authorized pain creams for recipients without ever seeing or examining them. The victims were then harassed with telemarketing calls.

Massullo’s arrest was part of the United States Department of Justice’s National Elder Justice Sweep, which is designed to combat elder abuse, neglect, financial fraud, and scams that target our nation’s older adults.

As part of a plea deal, the court dismissed charges of healthcare fraud and making false statements. Massullo was sentenced to five years’ probation and ordered to make restitution of $21,630.

Four months later Massullo filed a motion to withdraw her guilty plea, alleging that the plea was coerced and the signature on the plea agreement was not hers.

The plea revocation motion also included the following claim about an alleged encounter between Massullo and a United States Probation Officer:

During the pendency of this case Massullo has been out on bond, living in a barn which is located on the rear of her mother’s property, in Warren, Ohio. On March 15, 2023, a home visit was conducted as part of the PSR investigation. According to the PSR, when the United States Probation Officer arrived at the barn, Massullo would initially not open the door for officer to enter. “[Massullo] was accusatory through the door stating “your satanic corporation" was ruining her life. She eventually allowed the officer into her home...Massullo loudly discussed her charges, and proclaimed her innocence.”

The court refused to let Massullo withdraw her guilty plea and on January 28, 2024, found she had violated the terms of her probation and ordered her jailed for thirty days.