The Mahoning County Commissioners approved the closing of Western Reserve Road at the Market Street intersection for 3 weeks.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation's traffic map, 16,000 people travel Market Street every day, meaning the construction could throw detours into a lot of daily commutes.

The closure will cause detours to a lot of commuters, leading some businesses around the intersection to worry. 

James Marx, Owner of Westgate Pizza, says since construction began in the area, less people have been showing up for lunch. Now that part of the intersection is closing, he's concerned that the problem will only get worse.

"We get a lot of big business because of Elliott's Garden Center, and if cars aren't able to go past here on the way to Elliot's, then that could affect our lunchtime traffic," said Marx.

Even if people do still go head tp nearby businesses, the amount of driving time could impact businesses. A barbershop down the street from the intersection needs people to show up on time for their appointments.

"We have to stay exact and respect everyone's appointments, but if a few people come from that direction, they're 20 minutes late to the appointment, kind of ruins our whole day," said Andrew Hardenbrook, owner of Look Good Feel Good Barbershop. 

He also says because so many barbershops are in the Boardman area, clientele could choose a different barbershop if construction blocks their route. 

Both businesses that spoke to 21 news say they hope to be notified about any other construction happening at the intersection.

The three week closure begins April 29th. The project will relocate a fiber optic bank and install a cross culvert as part of the Western Reserve Road Widening Project.