The Women's Auxiliary, which runs the gift shop at Trumbull Regional Medical Center, is bringing smiles to some of the center's patients.

The OR department teamed up with the Women's Auxiliary to donate gifts to the pediatric surgery patients. The center says that brightening a patients day when they're scared, uncomfortable or in pain, makes a huge difference for the kids as well as the staff.

"When you come in for surgery, even just as an adult its unnerving," says Linda Heater, Chief Nursing Officer, "but when your child's here it's a whole different level, and being able to give them a little token, maybe see them smile or hug and comfort them makes a big difference."

Heater also says, the Women's Auxiliary continues to go above and beyond when working with Trumbull Regional Medical Center, and are always looking for ways to improve the spirits of everyone at the center.