If your travels take you through downtown Youngstown plan ahead

Officials say West Federal Street between Market and Phelps Street will be closed Monday, April 29th through August 1st, 2024 for the next phase of the SMART 2 roadway project. 

 "We are going to be closing Federal Street between Phelps Street and Market Street. They're making good progress on the other side of the street between Market Street and Champion," Charles Sasho Youngstown  Deputy Director of Public Works," said. 
Getting access to parking for your favorite place for lunch or dinner could also be more difficult so you should plan ahead.
Business owners are concerned this next phase could take away customers during the busiest season of the year.
The continued roadwork had the city looking for alternative sites so summer festivals could continue.
"Commerce Street is coming along nicely and should be opened up soon. We have been working with event staff, and event sponsors that were putting events on most notably the Italian Fest, Simply Slavic, we found alternative locations for them east of the project," Shasho added.
  He tells us experts expect construction to be done by August. 
Plus there will be a final phase of construction for the project that began in 2021.
The Smart 2 Project which incorporates pedestrian and bicycle pathways and green infrastructure such as LED lights will help improve walkability and access from the medical and technical centers with YSU and local businesses.