A Poland student who was accused of raping a female student in the Poland Seminary High School auditorium in late 2023 has plead guilty.

According to court documents, 17-year-old Alvin Jefferies pled guilty to one count each of rape, assault, pandering obscenity involving a minor and pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor.

Additionally, Jefferies pled to two counts of violating a protection order, two counts of telecommunications harassment and one count of menacing by stalking. Originally, Jefferies faced 26 charges in total, but the rest of the charges were dismissed. 

Court documents show that Jefferies could be sentenced to 90 days in JJC and a minimum of four years in the Ohio Department of Youth Services. He could also be ordered to register as a sex offender for a minimum of 10 years.

Ohio law has a set of guidelines stating when it's mandatory to charge a child as an adult. If a case does not meet any of these requirements, it's up to the judge or prosecutor to make that decision.

"Our main concerns are public safety  and what is in the best interest of the victim. I believe this resolution met both of those," said Anissa Modarelli, Mahoning County Assistant Prosecutor.

According to court documents, once Jefferies turns 18, he may be ordered to serve his sentence in the adult jail rather than JJC.

Jefferies's charges stem from conduct that occurred between November and December of 2023.

A police report from Poland Township details one incident in particular that occurred in December where Jefferies and the victim snuck into the school's auditorium during lunch where he forced the victim to have sex with him and threatened to kill himself if she didn't.

Jeffries took video of the incident and threatened to leak it if the victim told anyone about it. The victim told police that conduct like this occurred regularly both on and off school grounds.

Additionally, several nude pictures and videos of the victim were found on Jefferies's cell phone.

According to police, Jefferies had admitted his conduct in the auditorium to officers, but when officers asked for the pass code to the phone, Jefferies's mother declined to give it to them.