Youngstown City Health District spent the day testing students for lead contamination.

The district was notified by the Ohio Department of Health after reports of positive lead and asbestos contaminants, at the Youngstown Academy of Excellence and several other schools outside of the city.

"We're holding a pop-up testing in response to that, in case there are any concerned parents that are looking to get their child tested," YCHD Epidemiologist Noelle Kosela said.

Kosela said exposure to chipped lead paint and dust from lead paint are the most common forms of exposure, especially with children ages six and under. Kosela recommends testing for them.

"It's something that can be treated," Kosela said. "The key is catching it early, catching it before it becomes an issue. There's no safe level of lead in blood which is why we're holding this testing today so we can make sure that all of our kids are safe," she said.

YCHD said to date, there have been no documented cases of elevated blood lead levels from the Youngstown Academy of Excellence but they are acting proactively to ensure the health and safety of the public's health.

In addition to the Youngstown Academy of Excellence, other schools that are owned by ACCEL Schools Ohio LLC, have been found to contain the contaminants.

Free testing was held Tuesday at the Eugenia Atkinson Rec Center for students who have been exposed in the past year.

The schools cannot reopened until abated.

Parents and children may seek lead testing on their own by contacting their primary care provider or preferred doctor for lead testing.