21 WFMJ archives  / June 30, 1987 |  The Youngstown YMCA’s Camp Fitch in North Springfield, PA, near Lake Erie, which had a host of activities for hundreds of Youngstown area youth, marked its 73rd year in 1987. The Olympic-sized pool was the scene of this swimming race 27 years ago.   

July 2

1999: Mafia turncoat Lenny Strollo testified during the bribery trial of Mahoning County Sheriff Phil Chance that he spent a lot of money to get Chance elected and that he also made monthly payments to other elected officials. 

U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant Jr. has invited Japanese government and Toyota corporate officials to tour the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport as a possible development site. 

Many of the folks interviewed at the Youngstown Senior Center said they liked the sound of President Clinton's proposal for a Medicare drug plan that would cost $24 a month and cover half the cost of all prescriptions up to $2,000 a year. 


1984: In ruling on a traffic case from Ohio, the United States Supreme Court says that a person stopped and questioned in an ordinary traffic stop is not entitled to be told that he has a right to remain silent or a lawyer. 

Niles Mayor John Shaffer says strict enforcement of the city's 1976 curfew ordinance reduces reports of vandalism, but more must be done. 

Clarke C. Wheeler, 20, of Wampum, dies of smoke inhalation while trying to put out a fire in his car that was sparked by a stereo he had installed that morning. Lawrence County Coroner Russell Noga said Wheeler was overcome by fumes from the burning and melting plastic in the dashboard.


1974: Hubbard Mayor Art Magee announces that the city again has ambulance service provided by Wheeler Ambulance of Sharon, Pa. 

United Autoworkers Local 1112 at the Lordstown General Motors complex receives strike authorization from the international union.

The sudden appearance of a police cruiser ends a nightmare for two young South Side women who were stripped of their clothes and sexually assaulted in a dark McGuffey Heights street by a group of young men. The men fled. 


1949: The fantastic story of a club of teenagers that required each to steal at least one bicycle to gain membership unfolds in the courtroom of Judge Henry Beckenbach. All the boys were sent to the Boys Industrial School at Lancaster. 

Donald McLeay, 56, one of the Mahoning Valley's most famous golf professionals, drowns while swimming in Pleasant Valley Lake on Smith-Stewart Road near Vienna.