Let's face it....high school coaches don't coach for the money!

But, why do they stay in the game?

"It feels a competitive void for me," said second year South Range coach David Rach.

'I like a challenge," stated Western Reserve coach John Armeni.

Southern Local's Rich Wright added he doesn't have any other hobbies.

East Liverpool's Paul Cusick says having  a positive influence on kids is special and his coaching staff and players bring him back.

"Its about relationships with the kids," added Rach saying you can make an impact on them and the community.

Armeni, who built LaBrae into a playoff contender likes to build programs.

"I like taking an unfinished product and making it better and something our community can be proud of."

Wright was more analytical. " I don't want to waste four hours golfing and rather spend use it coaching and being around the players makes me feel younger.:

All coaches agree its the camaraderie is something they cherish=.'

"Once your bitten by the coaching bug, it's probably here to stay," said Rach.