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Keeping the mind fit, young and healthy

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - They say age is just a number and for many people that's a great thing, considering experts say you're never too old to increase your brain's ability.

"People will wait until they get older to consider their brain health and the truth is you can start at any age," said Patrick Hartory, author of the book "Your Ageless Mind".

Hartory, who spoke with residents at Park Vista in Youngstown, says the steps are simple to improve brain function, but you have to be willing to take them. Staying mentally and socially active can help keep people feeling young.

Ninety-one year-old Virginia Williams of Youngstown is living proof.

"I don't believe in the golden years. I believe in the sterling silver years and you are like a piece of old silver and unless you keep your mind sharp, your brain, your body, your soul and everything you just turn dark and ugly," Williams said.

To stay polished, Williams stays active and current by making daily calls to her grand kids. She wants to start adding healthier foods to her diet and there are quite a few Hartory suggests that can boost brain power.

Because the brain is made mostly of fat, he suggests feeding your brain healthy fats. The best sources contain omega 3s such as fish, flaxseed oil and walnuts. Foods rich in antioxidants, like blueberries and broccoli, also can boost brain power.

"Investing in your brain has long term dividends and keeping your brain healthy keeps your Golden Years golden, keeps that brain healthy for years to come," Hartory said.

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