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Warren toddler meets donor who saved her life


Last winter, the Diekmann family of Warren made a public plea to find their daughter, Ella, a liver donor.

"We just want every chance and hope we can get," Suzy Diekmann told Healthy Living Reporter Kate Keller in December.

That chance came just a few weeks after Suzy's plea when Amanda Crow of Hermitage, a complete stranger to the Diekmann family, stepped forward to offer a portion of her liver to a girl she'd never met until Wednesday.

"I always said to my advocate, I would leave it up to the family.  I just think it would be really cool to meet her, but I didn't want them to feel pressure like they owed me something because that's not why I did it," said donor Amanda Crow of Hermitage. "I just put it in God's hands and He took care of it.  He made it happen."

According to doctors, had Amanda not stepped forward when she did, Ella might not have made it.  The fatal liver condition she was born with claims the lives of most babies before their second birthday.

"We believe that with the new liver and the care that is going along with helping her that she will be able to live a near normal life," said Dr. George Mazariegos who is the chief of pediatric transplantation at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.

A life that will be full of opportunity and a new friend, Amanda.

"What do you say to someone who saves your child's life and asked no questions, never backed out, went through it, sacrificed herself, her time, her body so that my child could live.  There are just no words," said Suzy Diekmann.

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