WARREN, Ohio - The now one-and-a-half-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by her own parents inside the Trumbull County Children Services building will now be placed in the custody of a different agency.

The ruling was issued Wednesday by the Trumbull County Family Court.

The parents of the child, Felicia and Cody Beemer, sat in the courtroom as Judge David Stucki discussed the future of their daughter.

The two are accused of raping there, then, 13-month-old little girl back in September of last year during what was supposed to be a supervised visit inside Trumbull County Children Services.

The little girl's maternal grandmother filed a motion asking the judge to remove the toddler from the custody of Trumbull County Children Services.

The judge agreed saying while the court does not make a factual judgment as to the allegations, it's clear from the record in the case "that this child was perpetrated upon" while the child was under the supervision of Trumbull Children Services personnel at their facility.

The judge went onto "relieve" the Children Services Board "from further representation in this matter."

The little girl's custody will be transferred to another children services board.

TCCSB's attorney Susan Collins says she's disappointed by the ruling. Collins says "this has never occurred, to my knowledge, in the 17 years that I have practiced for the Children Services Board.

The attorney for the girl's grandmother says they're pleased with the judge's decision to transfer custody of the child.

The little girl will remain with her foster family who she's been with since birth.

Once a new children services board is in place, the judge says the court will move forward with motion to terminate parental rights and give permanent custody to the child's foster family.