GIRARD, Ohio - The driver of a semi appeared in court to learn his fate for causing a fatal crash on I-80.

While apologizing in court, Eugene White held back his emotions as he stood before the victim's family and Judge Jeffery Adler.

"Seems like sorry is such a small thing to say. And i know this has affected all of our lives in a negative way," White said. 

White is ordered to serve 90 days house arrest, pay a $500 fine and his driver's is suspended for the next five years.

He was behind the wheel of a semi that crushed the vehicle carrying 66-year-old Shirley Gilmore and her younger siblings David Westenfeld and Wendy Frost on May 24, 2010.

All three died in the crash while traveling to the Pittsburgh airport.

The crash happened on I-80 eastbound at mile marker 232. It's within a three-mile stretch that's been plagued by accidents, something Judge Adler recognized.

"That stretch of I-80 from January 1st to August 24th 2010 had 19 accidents. I don't know if the highway was improperly constructed when it was built, the construction zone was improperly setup; the result was a terrible tragic accident that forever changed the lives of everybody in this courtroom," Judge Adler said.

While Judge Adler admitted there was no sentence he could impose that would change what happened that day, Gilmore's family is disappointed with the outcome.

"I just don't see how that is any sort of justification for our loss and the grief that it causes our family every single day," said Kevin Gilmore the victim's grandson.