LISBON, Ohio -  She was told she would never walk again.  A Salem, Ohio woman was paralyzed after jumping off a highway overpass.  The nursing student had been trying to help the victim of another accident.

Saturday she walked and danced at her wedding.  Alissa Boyle has come through miles of struggle and determination to be able to walk these steps down the aisle on her wedding day.

For the new Mrs. Nathan Grimes, it meant a lot to dance at her reception. "It hasn't been easy, but I just take it a day at a time and I'm here.", said Alissa.

Alissa's journey began early in the morning on February 20, 2012, just three days after getting engaged.

She and a fellow nursing student stopped to help an accident victim on I-79. But they were forced to jump off a 40-foot overpass as a truck was barreling their way.

Since then, she endured months of intense physical therapy. All the while, Alissa says that Nathan was by her side. "He encourages me. Tells me I'm not going to walk, I'm going to run one day.", said the new bride.

"The couple is amazing. Alissa I got to know as a friend and I couldn't ask to meet a better person.", said Jamie Holmes of Jamie's Dream Team.

Alissa and Nathan's fairy tale wedding was made possible by Jamie's Dream Team, a Pittsburgh-based organization dedicated to helping those in need.

Vendors donated their talents to this special day. Celebrity chef, Gary Arabia of Global Cuisine created the appetizers for the reception.   Arabia said, "I celebrate people's moments and this was truly an opportunity to celebrate one's moment."

This day was the last on a list of many goals since Alissa was injured. But she is looking ahead to the future. "Probably to walk without braces. That would be my next thing.", said Alissa.

One of the other goals that Alissa was able to accomplish was graduating from nursing school at Waynesburg State University in May of last year.