BOARDMAN, Ohio - A gun rights advocacy group took their handguns, rifles, and weapons to Boardman Park to contest a ban that is illegal.
North East Ohio Carry says it's meeting was meant to bring attention to Boardman Parks policy which had stated firearms of any type are prohibited.
However, when park administration learned of N-E-O Carry's event and the possibility of a legal challenge, it changed it's rules to comply with Ohio law so the group held a meet and greet at the park. Members say laws that prohibit firearms don't deter criminals.
Steve Dailey says every time someone proposes a law regarding firearms, they fail to go after the criminal element. He says in Washington D.C. and Ohio and around our country, the laws target law abiding citizens.
He and others like Lisa Marie Doyle the Ohio coordinator of One Million Moms Against Gun Control says criminals don't pay attention to signs that say no guns are allowed at parks and other places. She says trouble can happen anywhere and we need to be vigilant in protecting our children and our families.
Ohio Revised Code allows people to carry guns in most public places, including public parks as long as they are following all other federal and state laws.
The group says people who support the Second Amendment right to bear arms must stand up for rights guaranteed by our constitution.