The Mahoning County Grand Jury is considering evidence that could determine if an Austintown woman and her son will go on trial for being the alleged masterminds behind what investigators say is the biggest case of domestic fraud in the history of the online auction site eBay.

Clifton Panezich appeared in county court on Wednesday morning, after being brought from Henderson, Nevada where he was being held since late last year.

Charges of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity had already been filed in Austintown court against 30-year-old Panezich, and his 61-year-old mother Rose Mary Panezich.

Authorities believe the two were behind a scheme involving phony autographs on sports memorabilia that cheated 25,000 people out of more than $2-million.

Those involved in the alleged scheme would allegedly obtain footballs, posters, sports cards and other sports memorabilia that had been forged with the names of professional athletes.

Investigators say that certificates of authenticity were also forged to accompany the memorabilia, which would be sold on eBay.

The money made from the sales was allegedly laundered through bank accounts belonging to other people.

Five men have already pleaded guilty to charges filed against them for their parts in the scheme.

Bond for Clifton Panezich has been set at $100,000. He also waived his right to a speedy trail.

Rose Panezich had already agreed to waive her right to a speedy trial while she waits for action from the grand jury.