Operators of a hazardous waste incinerator in East Liverpool say they have notified the Ohio EPA about a pink plume of smoke that spewed from the plant this week.

Heritage, the company that burns chemicals and other hazardous waste at high temperatures, acknowledged that the usually white smoke emitting from a stack at the facility took on a pinkish hue for about 20 minutes Tuesday afternoon.

Raymond J. Wayne, Public Affairs Specialist for Heritage Thermal Services, said in a news release that the smoke turns pink when they incinerate waste containing iodine.

Wayne says the facility is supposed to inject sodium thiosulfate into the smoke to neutralize the iodine.

In this case, not enough of the chemical was added to eliminate the change in color, according to Wayne.

The Ohio EPA has reported previously on pink plume incidents, according to Wayne, saying no health risks are associated with the release of iodine.

“We apologize for any concern this situation may have caused,” said Wayne in the news release. “We are evaluating the event and will make any appropriate corrective actions.”