Runners and walkers split into many teams for the 8th annual Panerathon Sunday. 

Team Carrie featured, among others, 10 runners from the Badger High School Cross Country team. They run for their coach every day anyway, but Sunday they ran for a much different reason.

Carrie Albert's in her 19th year coaching at Badger High School, a run she was determined to continue after being diagnosed with stage two breast cancer back in May.

"It was a shocker," said Albert. "Especially since I run. I generally eat healthy, I'm young. Well, relatively young."

She's always been a runner; crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon six times and coaching both track and cross country for the Braves. Breaking the news to her team this year wasn't easy.

"I wanted to make sure the girls heard it from me," said Albert. "So I talked to the girls on the bus on the way home. Of course, a few girls cried. They had lots of questions. One of the first questions was, 'Are you still going to coach cross country?'"

"I was probably one of the most emotional ones. I cried and balled," said junior Reanna Douglas. "She told me it was going to be ok and everything but I was still kind of sad. Hard thing to hear."

Right away, her runners knew they wanted to do something. That's when this year's Panerathon came into play.

"There were some very generous sponsors this year who decided to give their free entries to high school runners. I thought it was a great opportunity," said Albert.

"It was a pretty easy decision because we wanted to do something to represent breast cancer and everything to help Miss A," said senior Sarah Zahoransky.

So Sunday, 10 runners from her team hit the pavement at Panerathon; not for Badger, but for Team Carrie.

"She's our inspiration to be better and we just want to be there for her through her fight," said Douglas.

"It's an awesome opportunity to show her how much we care about her because we get mad at her but we all love her, you know," said senior Sophia Altwies.

Running for their coach, like never before.