Warren police are hoping surveillance video will help lead to tips in a murder case from several months ago. 

Police are now asking the community for help to find a suspect and a potential accomplice from an October shooting that left 37-year-old Michael Blackwell dead. 

Detective Mackey of Warren Police said Michael Blackwell was killed around 4 a.m. on October 7th in an alleyway near Beck Street at the Trumbull Homes apartment complex.

Two vehicles, one that police believe was driven by the suspect, and one driven by an accomplice, were captured driving to and away from the scene by a surveillance camera over a side entrance of Willard K-8 School. 

Detective Mackey said they are now looking for clues about a dark blue Dodge pickup truck with chrome wheels and a silver Chevy Monte Carlo. 

Det. Mackey said that from witness statements and the timing of the video, they've surmised that the driver of the pickup truck was the shooter. 

Police are hoping that the distinctive style of the truck will make it recognizable. 

At this point the motive for the shooting is unclear. Detective Mackey said that they have several theories, but nothing is concrete and that they are still talking to witnesses. 

It's that point- witness statements and information that can make or break a case according to police. 

"We know more people saw and know of this incident." 

Detective Mackey says there's a lot of talk of unsolved homicides in the city. 

"Technically those homicides are not unsolved," he said. "We know who did what, the problem is getting people to come forward to provide the evidence and the testimony that would help us convict these people. But we usually know who did what and why."

"I believe there's seven or eight right now that we're working on." Det. Mackey continued. "And yes, we usually know who did it but you need the citizens to come forward, witnesses to come forward who saw or heard or know of something, to help us get these people arrested. Until then we just keep working at it." 

"Homicides are never closed, they're always open cases," finished Det. Mackey. 

Anyone with information can call Detective Mackey at 330-841-2684. Tipsters may remain anonymous.