Due to the Opioid problem in the Valley, 21 News has been reporting on the need for foster families.

Dozens of people showed up to Trumbull County Children Services this week to ask some questions and get answers about becoming a foster parent.

Marilyn Pape of Trumbull County Children Services explained how the process works.

First, a thorough home study process must take place.

"It is about a 180 day process which includes 36 hours of pre- service training," stated Pape. "As well as a home study which includes safety, a psychological evaluation, finger printing".

A child welfare background check is also conducted. Finances are taken into consideration.

"You do not have to have a certain income, but you have to have income sufficient to meet the needs of your household  without relying on the board and care payments that you receive," said Pape.

Each month, foster parents receive a payment that goes towards caring for the kids.

Some foster situations can lead to an adoption, but that is not a guarantee. "Because our goal is always to reunify children with their families," Pape sated.  

Anyone is eligible to be considered as potential foster parent.

Fore more information contact Trumbull County Children Services.