You probably know someone who has had the flu recently. The flu virus is rampant this season.
As a result, some churches are asking their parishioners to continue to be friendly but also be cautious.

Share the fellowship not your germs.  That's the message going around at churches this flu season.  While hugs and handshakes are the usual greeting, many pastors are asking for fist-bumps or just a hearty hello instead.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Youngstown doesn't have an official change for mass right now, but they are asking people to practice good hygiene. 

"If a person is not feeling well they might refrain from actually shaking a person's hand, rather in the time of sharing peace, just nod and say peace be with you. During communion, they should receive communion in the hand and refrain from taking it from the cup," said Rev. Michael Balash, Office of Worship Director.

Taking holy communion is something many churches do differently.  At Trinity Fellowship Church in Boardman, it's a  little more individualized.

A.J. Platt, Pastor at Trinity Fellowship Church in Boardman, said, "We do the individual cups instead of everyone drinking out of the same chalice. Those kinds of things are helpful not just to avoid the flu, it's also attractive to germaphobes as well."

If you're in a church chances are you are going to have to shake a few hands so most will have hand sanitizer available and that should kill any germs you might pick up.

But don't be offended if someone doesn't want to shake your hand or get that close hug, they are just trying to look out for you.