In Austintown, steps were taken to raise money to help in the fight against cancer. 

A few hundred people took part in this year's American Cancer Society Relay for Life held outside the elementary school.

About 15 members of the honor society from Jackson Milton Schools were among those walking at the Relay for Life.

Olivia Johnson said, "I'm here with my school Jackson Milton to walk for cancer, for cancer awareness." 

Kobie Southwick added, "All of my grandparents have had cancer, two have been fortunate to beat it, and my mother herself beat cancer as well."  

People from Youngstown and surrounding communities joined to honor loved ones and celebrate life.

Shirley Thomas said, "We have some family members that passed away from cancer. We just wanted to come out show our support, have some fun, and raise money for research to help defeat cancer." Her son Christopher Wynn said, "I don't think cancer should exist. People already have to struggle enough in life."

In 19 years, the Austintown Relay For Life has raised more than 1.5 million dollars for research, education, and patient services the American Cancer Society provides.

The American Cancer Society states that one in two men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and one in three women will be diagnosed. 

Melissa Cutler, who was the leader for the Austintown Relay for Life, said, "I have two boys and to think statistically one of them could end up with cancer is not ok. That is why I will continue to fight to find a cure. 

"We are thankful for all the corporate and family teams, along with individuals who helped raise money needed to help in the battle against cancer. Education and raising awareness is also important because research shows in many cases early detection helps save lives for many cancers," Cutler said. 

The goal of this years event was to raise $78,000.00 this year.