A Youngstown man accused of assaulting a bus driver earlier this week was in court on Friday. 

Authorities say 35-year-old Jermaine Willis is accused of attacking 63-year-old Karl Kalasky when the bus broke down on Wednesday. 

Kalasy claims Willis was attempting to get his children off the broken school bus, which goes against school procedure.

Kalasy reported to officials that Willis grabbed him and threw him on the ground from the bus steps causing him to injure his elbow.

According to the Youngstown District spokeswoman, a second bus was there to transport the kids where they needed to go. The driver of the second bus was standing in the front of her bus trying to radio for help.

The Youngstown spokeswoman says the two girl students, believed to be related to Willis, tried to get off the bus. One of the girls allegedly grabbed the second bus driver by the throat. 

Authorities say Willis turned himself in to police for the incident.