Production is now underway at the Mahoning Valley's only medical marijuana cultivation facility. 

Riviera Creek Holdings had their license approved by the state six weeks ago and the multi-million dollar facility, just off Crescent Street in downtown Youngstown, is now in operation.

"It's very exciting to be able to put in place all the pieces that we have to turn this facility into one that is really oriented toward everyday working to devise ways to create a safe product," said the chairman of the board Brian Kessler.

Wednesday night we got an inside look at the facility. To get to the hallway outside the grow rooms requires scrubs. To go into the grow rooms requires hairnets and face masks. 

Riviera Creek has its own proprietary technologies and due to intellectual properties that they have, our camera was only able to shoot the hallway and their lab. Brian Kessler also isn't able to describe their methodology.

"We call ourselves a company that's based on science and is driven by innovation," said Kessler. "That gets us something that other facilities do differently and we hope in our specific application that we're bringing to market some exciting unique product."

Many different strains of marijuana have been planted and eventually, cannabis bud will be harvested for vaping purposes while other cannabis will be processed into creams, edibles, oils and other products for medical marijuana patients.

"Our first year's goal is to do a couple thousand pounds and then this facility is designed to do tens of thousands of pounds as it continues to build out," said Kessler.

Inside the lab, the company constantly tests and monitors the products.

"We have equipment that lets us test things. We have to pay attention to for our own testings, requirements within the state which are things like mold, mildew, heavy metals, insecticides, pesticides, and THC levels. We have equipment in here constantly helping us try to evaluate different things the plant creates and make sure we're doing things right," said Kessler.

With production just underway, the company currently has 12 employees but as production continues to grow, they plan to have more than 100 in a couple of years.

"One of our big things here has been trying to put a world class facility in Youngstown to excite and encourage other people to come here to help do research, to help do some of the exploratory analysis that will help dictate where this industry goes," said Kessler.

Kessler said their goal is to make cannabis for the medical world to be like Tylenol. 

"When you take Tylenol, every day you take it you know what it will do for you so if you're using cannabis for pain or for tremors or being able to eat after cancer medicines, you know that the medicine you're getting from us will be stable. We really feel we have one of the best facilities in the world to help deliver that," he said.

Growing cannabis isn't an overnight process. Kessler says they hope to have some product by the end of January.