Congressman Tim Ryan wrote a letter to President Trump asking him to help the General Motors complex in Lordstown and to hold back on cutting GM's federal subsidies for electric cars. 

Last week, President Trump threatened GM that he would cut federal subsidies after they announced the closing of five different plants within the United States. 

Ryan's letter urges President Trump to help Lordstown by working together and finding a solution that doesn't include cutting federal subsidies from GM.   

The letter in its entirety can be read here:

 December 3, 2018
President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20500
Dear President Trump,
This past week my district received the devastating news that General Motors would close their plant in Lordstown, Ohio in March 2019. Over 1,600 employees will be laid off, indirectly affecting many thousands more jobs in the surrounding communities. But this number does not even begin to quantify the impact this will have on families and our community as a whole. GM has eliminated approximately 3,000 jobs at this plant over the past two years. This news comes weeks before the Christmas Holiday Season leaving many families feeling anxious about what the future holds.
Mr. President, decisive action is needed. Our current economic system benefits the wealthy and leaves hardworking Americans behind. We have continued layoffs, stagnant wages, and a pension crisis. Our economy is changing and leaving the hardworking middle class behind. You recently suggested cutting federal subsidies for electric vehicles in an effort to punish GM, but that is not the solution and may, in fact, backfire--making it even harder to land a new vehicle at the Lordstown plant.
The Mahoning Valley is depending on you to keep your promises to bring economic growth and development to Northeast Ohio. I am committed to working with you and my colleagues in Congress to craft and implement a cohesive national manufacturing policy, one that makes our economy actually work for American workers--especially the workers of my congressional district.
Tim Ryan
Member of Congress

Ryan will meet with the CEO of GM, Mary Barra, tomorrow.