General Motors confirmed to Lordstown workers on Tuesday that they will work on Saturday, January 5.

In a seemingly ironic twist, General Motors had been considering the possibility of adding several Saturday shifts of workers to make the Chevy Cruze, which GM has announced it will stop producing at its Lordstown plant in March.

GM's communication team manager, Cheryl McCarron, sent 21 News an update on the possible addition of weekend shifts at Lordstown last week. McCarron stated that GM is exploring the option of adding some weekend production shifts in January. 

21 News now knows that Saturday, January 5 will be a work day for GM Lordstown employees.

According to McCarron, Cruze inventories have been very low and GM's dealers have asked for extra production to rebuild their stocks and ensure they have inventory for as long as possible.

Sources tell 21 News GM is also pondering the addition of Saturday shifts on January 12 and 26; as well as February 2, 16, and 23.

21 News has reached out to General Motors to find out the reason for the added work just days after announcing that they plan to end Cruze production in Lordstown with no new product to replace it.

The plant which once operated with three shifts is currently running only one shift due to the declining popularity of smaller cars.

Lawmakers and union leaders are lobbying GM to move a new product into the Lordstown plant.

There have not been any further updates on the other days mentioned at this time.