The majority of GM Lordstown workers will end their last shifts on Wednesday when the final Chevy Cruze is expected to make it's way off the production line.

Monday marked the final day the facility was fully staffed with its 1,400 remaining workers. 

"It's not good," said Bill Alexander of Lake Milton. "I'm going to hang out and hopefully get into Toledo soon."

He's worked 24 years in fabricating at the plant. Alexander said he might have to pack up and move away. Tuesday will be the last time he clocks out.

"All we can do is hang in there; hope something happens," he said.

UAW Local 1112 President Dave Green said workers in the paint shop are expected to be done on Tuesday.

The last day for the majority of workers will be Wednesday when the final Chevy Cruze is complete. 

The on Friday the plant will officially go idle.

Sporting blue is meant to send a message to executives at GM's headquarters in Detroit.

Right before the bell at the end of the last shift on Friday at 3 p.m., area church bells will ring.

Green said he's asking local churches to ring bells to support the workers.

He says 297 workers took transfers before after the second shift went away. As of now 411 workers are signed up for transfers and getting ready to leave next month.