Braceville police are warning residents about two alleged vicious dogs out running loose. Police say these are the same two dogs that attacked a woman last year.

On Tuesday, they were accused of killing a cat. 

"It was the most wretched scream I had ever heard in my life," said one woman who witnessed the attack of the cat.

Blood remains on the side of the Westgate Drive home where police say the neighborhood cat appeared to have been mauled and killed by two German Shepard dogs.

"Horrible to see something be ripped apart like that," said another witness.

The attack was caught on a home surveillance camera. 

The cat can be seen in the video sitting behind a grill on the deck when one dog moves in. The cat tries to escape but a second dog joins in the fight. The attack continues. Eventually, the cat is killed.

21 News showed the video to the attorney representing the owner of the dogs suspected in the attack. 

"I saw two black dogs with pointy ears, similar in shape to German Shepards. I did not see in this video; however the distinctive markings that Mr. (David) Hanson's dogs have that I know them to have," said Attorney Harry Depietro.

Police say the two dogs are the same ones accused of attacking a woman near Venture Plastics on Ravenna-Warren Road in January 2018. There were three dogs in that attack.

Depietro said there's been no proof that attack was caused by his client's dogs. He said other large dogs were also loose in the area during that time. They've legally challenged a designation naming the dog's "vicious."

In the meantime, neighbors in the area just want to know they and their pets are safe.

"I hope that they catch them quickly so that nobody else or no other animals get hurt," said a witness to the cat attack.