Xyari Williams Gonzalez said her 35-year- old cousin, Marcel Tipton is off life support after being shot 3 times.

According to police, Tipton was riding his motorcycle down Federal Street North West at 2:30 Saturday morning when shots rang out.

Gonzalez said Tipton had a passenger on his motorcycle as he was leaving a bar and heading to a gas satiation.

 A car pulled up next to him and shot several times.

She said he was knocked off his bike and laid at the scene until the paramedics came about 10 minutes later.  

"One bullet is by his spine and one is lodged into his spine," said Gonzalez. "The doctor said he is not going to remove that because it will hurt him more to remove that. Another bullet went through his groin area and another one went into his shoulder which shattered all of the bones in his left arm. He got shot twice through his chest and one in the leg."

 According to Gonzalez, this all stemmed from an altercation that happened earlier in the day Friday.  

The passenger who was on the bike suffered an ankle injury.  

Tipton, has already had a few surgeries and remains in the hospital.

No arrests have been made.