You want to help save the earth and keep recyclables from going to landfill but are you doing it correctly?

Recycling is just the right thing to do! But are you doing it right?

It turns out some of the things you are throwing in the recycling bin can't be recycled.

For plastics, if you can't eat or drink out of it it, chances are, can't be recycled.  No plastic chairs or other plastic junk. Even things that have the recycle symbol on it may be too big to be recycled locally.

"The symbol with the number inside is actually part of the resin identification code. It means if it were to be recycled that's how it would be sorted," said Kim Lewis of the Green Team.

So what are the most common contaminants that can't be recycled?

No styrofoam of any kind, no nursery pots, no kitty litter buckets, no plastic toys, no plastic cups, no glass drinking cups, no greasy pizza boxes," said Lewis.

So what's the worst thing you can put in a recycling bin? Those plastic bags you get at grocery stores and at WalMart. Those bags can't be recycled. If you put recyclables in the bag and put them in the bin they have to throw out the entire bag it goes right to the landfill.

If you're recycling paper or cardboard don't let it get wet before pick up or it will go to the landfill.

If you can get into the new habit or recycling what's right you make the earth a better place for everyone to live.