The 173rd annual Trumbull County fair is in full swing in Cortland.

The fair officially opened on Tuesday and continues through Sunday. 

This year's fair features traditional attractions and some new ones to help keep the fair fresh. 

"We have three new side acts coming. We have the Aqua-abatics show coming, and they open today at 2 p.m. We have a magic show, and we have Walking Dinosaurs coming also," said Toni Dunbar, Trumbull County Fair Board member. 

One of the tried and true attractions at the fair is the 4H Club, which draws both veterans and first-year competitors every year.

While it's been here for a few years, the Trumbull County Historical Village brings in new exhibits every year

"We have historical societies from across the country displaying their local artifacts from all over the country that are inside the church," said Christie Novicky, Trumbull County Fair representative. "Some historical societies don't have museums, so this is a place where they can display their local items from their historical societies."