It's been two years since Elizabeth Pledger-Stewart of Boardman was gunned down in the street in the middle of the day. 

On Monday, her admitted killer, Dale Williams, Sr., faced sentencing.

Extra deputies were in place as a precaution after what happened in court last week. Two sons of the murder victim attacked Williams and had to be subdued by deputies, one with a taser.

The sentencing was postponed until Monday.

Williams was charged after he crashed into Stewart's car on Market Street, and when she got out of the vehicle, shot her multiple times until his gun was empty. It was the middle of the day.

Stewart was the niece of Janet Dees, who addressed the court before sentencing. She first apologized to Judge Maureen Sweeney for the disruption at the previous sentencing.  She said it was her family's first in-person with Williams since the murder, and emotions were running high.

She then stated that the death of her niece had left a hole that could never be filled. 

"How he just killed my niece, he shot her like she was an animal and he had no remorse. We are still heartbroken after two years and will be broken for the rest of our lives," Dees stated.

When asked by the judge if he had anything he wanted to say, Williams said no.  

A Stewart family friend, Andre Elliott, says Stewart was a loving person, and her love will be missed by many.

"We just want to thank Judge Sweeney for her not being lenient in this case. Dale (Williams) took away a wonderful woman, and he had no remorse. The man didn't even want to make a statement today," said Elliott.

The 62-year-old Williams had no reaction when Judge Sweeney sentenced him to 23 years to life imprisonment.