Two people were arrested on Saturday after an incident on High Drive.

According to the report, an officer spotted a moped without registration parked along High Drive and observed a male and female swimming near the area.

Police say the two were asked to get out of the water and became angry and verbally aggressive to the officer.

Reports say the officer called for backup after the 22-year-old Ashlee Huffman started to use vulgar language and threaten her.

Huffman allegedly told 21-year-old Brandon Warner that "he can get the front and she would get the back" to attack the officer.

Police say Huffman was pushing and pulling herself trying to get free from them.

According to the report, officers were able to get Huffman into the cruiser, but one officer was kicked in the abdomen. 

The officer that was kicked became dizzy and almost passed out.

The report says the officer had to be transported by ambulance to St. Elizabeth Hospital after her face went numb and she could not keep her eyes open.

Police say they were able to detain Huffman and placed Warner into custody while he attempted to resist arrest.

Upon arriving at the Mahoning County Jail, Warner was searched and found to have a swisher sweets wrapper with marijuana inside.

Warner is facing charges of resisting arrest and possession of drugs.

Huffman has been charged with assault on a peace officer and resisting arrest.